We know that becoming a parent is what is most important to you. And, that’s why we want to make certain that every detail is taken care of – from your first consult with our experienced client relations team to making certain that you are ready for your baby’s birth.We are the ONLY agency who will allow you to choose a Surrogate, speak with her and confirm your match before retaining our services. We feel it’s extremely important for you to match with the right Surrogate and we take great pride in making wonderful matches for our Intended Parents.

We are also available to aid you in the selection of an Egg Donor if you desire. Also, should you have a desire to speak with/meet with your Egg Donor; we can coordinate that for you as well provided the Egg Donor is willing/available.

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Start screening and preparation for embryo transfer

Surrogate mother’s screening is one of the most important part of process. Before a woman becomes a surrogate, she must be cleared for her own safety as well as for the baby she carries for her intending parents.

 The preparation of the surrogate mother starts one month prior to the embryo transfer.

This process will likely be handled by an agreed upon fertility clinic.


The intended mother or egg donor will be given medication to help her develop eggs and will undergo an egg retrieval procedure. The eggs are then fertilized in the laboratory to create an embryo, which will be transferred to the surrogate. The surrogate will undergo fertility treatments prior to the embryo transfer and during the pregnancy.


Once a healthy pregnancy is confirmed and the baby’s heartbeat is heard, the surrogate will begin receiving payments for base compensation and monthly allowance. She will also begin receiving prenatal care, which will continue throughout the pregnancy.

What Does the Law Say?

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